About the Drama Workshop

The Drama Workshop is a unique drama school based in the leafy western suburbs of Brisbane. Classes operate after school in both Kenmore and Brookfield.

The Drama Workshop was set up to create a positive, engaging environment not only for children who are naturally outgoing and enjoy performing but also for reserved individuals who need some extra encouragement coming out of their shells! Many students describe The Drama Workshop as their happy place, where they can truly be themselves and feel empowered through role-play of different characters.

We explore a variety of themes such as self actualisation, the natural environment, the spirit of adventure and current social issues that face children and teenagers today.

About the teacher

My name is Prue Cooper-White and I run The Drama Workshop. Since completing my Bachelor of Arts (Drama) and Bachelor of Education at QUT, I have been lucky enough to work as a drama teacher for almost 20 years.

During this time I have taught in both primary and high schools. Over a period of 13 years I was employed by other drama schools in both Melbourne and Brisbane. I also taught drama at an international school in Italy.

However 5 years ago I pursued a dream to create my own local Brisbane drama school that was aligned with my own personal values of kindness and acceptance of self and others. For me, drama is about finding joy in the make believe, the story telling, the limitless world of imagination and then sharing that with an audience. It’s about learning to claim the space and be comfortable in your own skin. I wanted to create a place where we celebrated the individual and also worked as a team, where children could find their unique voice and express their creativity in a fun, safe and supportive environment. Hence The Drama Workshop was born!

I have made a conscious decision to not expand my drama school but to be the sole teacher and cap class numbers at a manageable size. This ensures that I can really get to know the children and families who attend and understand how to best support them.

prue cooper-white, the drama workshop

There are many benefits of doing drama

It helps young people to think outside the box and to be more confident going into unfamiliar situations. This confidence can then be applied to school, career and life.

A positive self image is so important for a successful, happy existence and in drama we work on helpful self talk and breathing techniques to develop a strong sense of self belief. Acting and drama games allow students to express a range of emotions and encourage them to understand and deal with similar feelings they may be experiencing in real life. Exploring these emotions can be a healthy release.

Students also develop life skills in the following areas: Empathy, problem solving, creativity, communication, cooperation, memory and spacial awareness.

  • “Prue is one of the most patient, caring people I have ever met. Choosing the right mentors for my child is an ongoing task, one that I undertake very seriously. Finding Prue and enrolling my daughter in The Drama Workshop was like finding a rainbow with a pot of gold at the bottom. Prue is like that pot of gold. My child has grown more confident, sensitive to others and speaks clearly with direct eye contact, something that is sorely missing from a lot of today’s young people"

    Cobby (Parent)
  • “Hi Prue. I just wanted to write and thank you for holding your amazing classes for the kids – we regularly discuss this, so I know that the Thursday group feel this too. Every parent regularly makes such similar comments, genuinely we are all grateful for such a great learning space for the kids and your guidance and wonderful positive relationship as their teacher and member of their community and the incredibly fun, creative and inspirational way in which you encourage the kids to grow in their confidence, their creative expression, their emotional intelligence and fostering in them the importance to support and respect one another and the group. Your work with our kids is giving life-tools an helping develop a personal reality for them which is full of potential and possibilities that they believe they can achieve as well as wonderful memories and a love of drama. Thanks Prue, I just think it’s important to share with people when you think they are doing something awesome”

    Kim (Parent)
  • “I love the activities, performing and we are allowed to mix it up. Prue is kind, funny, she loves us like her own. She is very open hearted and helps us when we are down"

    Ada (Student)
  • “The Drama Workshop has had such a positive impact on my daughter Ella’s self confidence. I especially love the positive affirmations she receives. Prue’s drama lesson is what she looks forward to the most. These classes have been the best extra curricular investment we’ve made”      

    Chris (Parent)
  • “What I really enjoy about drama is that you can let that crazy side of you go and no one judges you. You just get to be silly and play games and act. You make lots of close friendships and you all have each other’s backs. You’re judged if you forget a line or forget a certain movement because we all do it and either way we all enjoy it and we care about one another?

    Nadya (Student)
  • “Ben’s drama class is without a doubt the highlight of his week. His self-confidence has grown from the positive and inclusive culture in the class. The thing that makes this class so special to him is learning about scriptwriting, lighting and directing. He is picking up skills for life (posture, projection etc) and having a ball doing it!”

    Fran (Parent)
  • “It is just so free to do whatever we want. It’s not like school drama classes. It’s so much better”

    Oscar (Student)
  • “I love going to drama because I have an amazing teacher”

    Charlie (Student)
  • “My 11 year old daughter thoroughly loves her time at The Drama Workshop and really looks forward to spending time with like minded friends while participating in an interesting array of drama activities. As a parent I love watching her self-confidence grow each week. The positive affirmations re a lovely way to end the class and she always leaves with a big smile on her face”    

    Claire (Parent)
  • “I enjoy playing the drama games. They are really fun”

    Chloe (Student)

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